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Paula Boyd Farrington


I love the joy of bringing together color, textures, shapes, and layers of life's landscapes—vivid, bold hues and intricate patterns—intuitively diving again and again into the known and the unknown to create something fresh.


Based on Grand Bahama Island with my family, I am fortunate to be surrounded by vibrant natural worlds that inspire me within a supportive uplifting community of friends, fellow artists, writers, and creatives from around the world.


Painting and mixed media collage work brings me to a place of more deeply noticing the details, the essence, and the magic that unfolds along the abundant shores of our own sense

of wonder, imagination, gratitude, and whimsy.


I hope my work inspires a kindling of creative light—a pause to refresh, to ponder, to reflect. The energy of my work moves with the rhythms of inner knowings and the jazzy twinklings of everyday grace.

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